Zoning and Building Fees

Zoning Compliance/Building Permit Fee Schedule

Frame Construction
= Square Footage X $110.00 (Living Area/ “anything under roof”)

= Square Footage X $56.00

= Square Footage X $42.00

Commercial Storage
= Square Footage x $56.00

Commercial Business
= Square Footage x $121.00

Mobile Homes (New)

= Base Price (Bill of Sale) Not including taxes just base Valuation of Structure

Mobile Homes (Used)
= $300.00 X Linear Feet of Home
(Double-wide = $300.00 X Linear Feet of Home X Two)

Building Permit Fees

Frame Construction and Mobile Homes (Any new Home)
Valuation of Structure X $3.00 per $1,000.00 of Value + $300.00 (Base Fee)

Additions, Garages, Storage Areas, or Shed’s
Valuation of Structure X $3.00 per $1,000.00 of Value + $25.00 (Base Fee)

Violations = Permit Fees are Doubled

Any detached structure must be placed behind the house.

*Published in the “Building Safety Journal” (Building Valuation Data)

Example: Building Permit Cost Calculation

1500 sq. foot Home with a 576 sq. foot Garage. The building permit will be as follows:

1500 sq. ft. X $110.00 = $165,000
576 sq. ft. X $56.00 = $32,256

$197,256 (total valuation of home)

*Note: there is a $300.00 (Base Fee) added to any new house in Jefferson Co.
*Note: the total valuation of a home is always rounded to the highest thousand*
($197,256 = $197,000)

$197,000.00 X ($3.00 per thousand) = $591.00
$300.00 (base fee)

$891.00 (total permit fee for this home)

New Zoning and Compliance Fees

Re-zoning requests (including non-refundable sign cost) $100.00
BZA matters (including, but not limited to administrative reviews, hearings, variance requests, etc.) $50.00
Site Plan Review and other RPC matters $100.00
Plat Approval for all subdivisions $125.00

These Fees are effective as of October 15th, 2007.