Mayor Palmieri's Biography

Prior to being elected mayor he was the Vice President of Purchasing and Director of Special Projects for GLGT. GLG Life Tech Limited is a B.C. company with a global reach maintaining offices in Vancouver, B. C., the United States of America and China. GLG Life Tech Limited, although new to B.C. and the public market by today’s business standards, can trace its origin back to 1886 in mainland China. Today GLG Life Tech is an innovative company that procures, and manufactures products as well as manages various operations on a global scale but is currently focused on business ventures in Main Land China.


Palmieri portrait

Additional background experience and credentials:

Director of Sales and Marketing
: IWMS (International Waste Management Systems, Inc.), a global international firm. Responsible for the development and implementation of marketing strategies, sales, and public relations for international and domestic / government and private sector entities.

Director Special Projects
: IAP (International American Products). Responsible for the development and / or coordination of company projects in government and private industry markets, including oversight and support of overseas operations with company offices.

Palmieri Consulting Management / Government Relations Specialist:
Principal of a firm providing service and program development to business, industry, government, organizations, and associations in domestic and international fields.

CEO / President H&P Incorporated:
Responsible for all duties and responsibilities associated with being the Chief Executive Officer of a corporation in the health care and fitness industry: Including the manufacturing of specialty exercise and rehabilitation equipment.

Coordinator, Consumer Affairs: Magnavox
/ North American Philips: Responsible for customer and corporate relations, program development and implementation of procedures, and oversight of five field offices located throughout the country.

In addition to presenting seminars and special programs, Alan has presented professional development credit courses in management and government relations for the University of Tennessee. He is also the Coordinator for the Smoky Mountain Partnership, a joint venture School to Career initiative consisting of Cocke and Jefferson County School Systems in the state of Tennessee. The partnership is a joint venture initially receiving funds through the U.S. Department of Labor and the Tennessee Department of Education.

The owner of Palmieri Bodybuilding, Alan maintains an internet source for information on natural drug free bodybuilding which provides information and products related to bodybuilding and health care.

He is the author of numerous books, courses, CD’s, reports, and material on bodybuilding. Articles and material he has authored have been published in some of the leading bodybuilding periodicals and magazines. He is also the author of the CD-ROM “Vince Gironda Legend And Myth” which is the most complete single source for information on bodybuilding legend “The Iron Guru” Vince Gironda and his methods.

Alan has personally trained winners of major, local and state bodybuilding events, high school and college athletes and teams, professional athletes and entertainers. He has served as a judge for numerous bodybuilding events as well as promoting and holding several bodybuilding contests. He is the past State of Tennessee President of the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) and was awarded the prestigious IFBB Certificate of Merit. In October 2005 Alan was inducted into the respected Steve Speyrer Classic BodybuildingHall of Fame located in Louisiana.

In the 1980’s Alan owned and operated a 30,000 square foot gym, one of the largest and best equipped in the southeast. For about two years, he operated his own Karate / Self Defense studio, wrestled professionally and worked as a bouncer and bodyguard. In addition to training countless individuals he has conducted seminars and lectures on bodybuilding and fitness. He has appeared in various magazines and newsletters on bodybuilding, appeared on TV and on radio.