Agricultural Extension Committee

Provides Jefferson County’s citizens with the latest researched based information to help promote youth development, provide family life education and encourage sustainable agriculture practices that are economically viable environmentally sound, and socially responsible.

Commissioner Randy Bales, Commissioner Jimmy Carmichael, Commissioner Terry Dockery, Robby Reece, Brian Morgan, Carla Byrd, Annette Stooksbury, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

Animal Control Oversight Board

Serves as the formal liaison between Jefferson County Government and CARE.

Commissioner Randy Bales, Commissioner Tim Seals, Kris Spencer, Katherine Noyes, Ex-Officio Members County Mayor Mark Potts, Sheriff Jeff Coffey, Bruce Dalgleis

Audit Committee

Provides independent review and oversight of the county’s financial reporting processes and the county’s internal controls; reviews the external auditor’s report and follows-up on management’s corrective action and compliance with laws, regulations and ethics.

Commission Chair Mark Potts, Finance Committee Chair, Budget Committee Chair, Garry Jett, Phyllis Best, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts, Finance Director Langdon Potts

Beer Board

Administers the laws related to the sale of beer in Jefferson County.

Full Jefferson County Commission serves on the board.
Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

Board of Health

County Mayor Mark Potts, Director of Schools Dr. Shane Johnston, John McGraw, Regina Fields, Rhonda Click, Wesley Cowan, Dale Bryant, Ex-Officio County Health Director Sherrie Montgomery, Dr. Tara Sturdivant County Health Officer

Budget Committee

An “internal committee” of County Commission responsible for performing the functions and duties as described in Tenn. Code Ann. 5-21-101 through 5-21-129 (County Financial Management System of 1981).  Makes recommendations to the CLB on county budget amendments and designates form which budget line item funding is to be taken and to which line item the funds are to be applied. (Tenn. Code Ann. 5-9-407)

Commissioners John Neal Scarlett, Steve Douglas, Marcus Reed, Todd Kesterson, Michael Phagan, Edna Langley, Sammy Solomon, Robert Blevins, Terry Dockery, Anthony Walker, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts, Finance Director Langdon Potts

Building Inspection Board of Appeals

Hears petitions filed by individual contractors and or homeowners to appeal orders, decisions, and determinations made by the County Building Inspector.

Commissioner Jimmy Carmichael, Kenny Carr, Ed Franklin, Steve Motruk, Tom Lakin, Mike Dockery, Chuck Catlett, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts, Building Inspector Rob Wilson

Clinch River Regional Library Board

Jack Kramer, Laura Darby

Conservation Board

Acquires, develops, maintains, and makes available to the inhabitants of the county public parks, preserves, parkways, playgrounds, recreational centers, county forests, wildlife areas and other conservation areas.  Cultivates good citizenship by providing adequate programs of public recreation.

Commissioners Jimmy Dale Patterson, Steve Douglas, David Swann, Charles Crosby, Bandi Hammer, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

County Board of Equalization

Responsible for assuring constitutional and statutory compliance in assessments of property for ad valorem taxes.

Bob Hardy, Kevin Davenport, Charles Briggs, Charles Crosby, L.E. Smith, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

County Courtroom Security Committee

Examining the space and facilities to determine the security needs of the courtrooms in the county in order to provide safe and secure facilities.

County Mayor Mark Potts, Sheriff Jeff Coffey, District Attorney General Jimmy Dunn, Judicial District Judge Duane Sloan, County Circuit Clerk Kevin Poe

County Library Board of Trustees

Marylin Barr, Jessica Churchwell, Joe Malgeri, Carolyn Allen, Tracy Cagle, Paige Bolton, Billie Parrott, Jack Kramer, Laura Darby, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

E-911 Communication Board

Colin McRae, Dean Ballinger, Mike Price, Billy John Cureton, Chad Cotter, Tom Maursetter, Brad Phillips, Lee Turner, Sheriff Jeff Coffey, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts, Director of E-911 Justin Crowther

EMS Board

County Mayor Mark Potts, Commissioner Ronny Coleman, Commissioner Paul Lowe, Dee Dee Whitaker, Colin McRae, John Johnson, Eddie Woods

Ethics Committee

Receives and investigates complaints of violations of the ethics policy and refers matters to the appropriate person or agency for further action under existing laws, if appropriate.

Commissioners: Heidi Thomas, Todd Kesterson, Jimmy Dale Patterson, Sammy Solomon, Hwy Superintendent Charles Tipton, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

Facilities Committee

Considers and proposes policies/procedures relating to county properties and facilities; reviews proposed leases and contracts; analyzes requests for office space and makes recommendations to the full CLB; reviews questions re: regulatory issues and certification of skilled labor; refers issues to Personnel Committee.

Commissioners: Sammy Solomon, Katy Huffaker, Randy Bales, Ronny Coleman, Terry Dockery, Ex-Officio Members: County Mayor Mark Potts, Facilities Director David Longmire, Finance Director Langdon Potts, Director of Schools Dr. Shane Johnston, Jefferson County Schools Maintenance Supervisor Tommy Arnold

Finance Committee

Establishes and approves policies, procedures, and regulations for implementing a sound and efficient financial system for administering the funds of the county.  Oversees the Finance Department.  The Finance Committee appoints the Finance Director and may dismiss the Finance Director, subject to approval of the CLB.

County Mayor Mark Potts, Hwy. Superintendent Charles Tipton, Director of Schools Dr. Shane Johnston, Commissioners: Edna Langley, Randy Bales, Katy Huffaker, Terry Dockery, Ex-Officio Finance Director Langdon Potts

Industrial Development Board

Works with the Chamber of Commerce, local government, and regional/state economic development agencies to bring new industry to the county.

Mike Norton, Charles Crosby, Jeff Depew, Mike Dockery, Scott Faulkenberry, Eddie Woods, Chris Myers, Danny Shelton, Steve Hammer, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

Jefferson Memorial Hospital Oversight Board

David Hensley, Sue Hoke, Bill Newman, Donnie Miller, Bobby Carroll, Robert Burts, Ex-Officio Members: County Mayor Mark Potts, Jefferson City Mayor Mitch Cain

Jefferson Health Care Foundation Board of Directors

John Ballinger, Jay Moser, Roger Mynatt, Don Miller, Tony Pettit, Robert Burts, Ex-Officio: County Finance Director Langdon Potts, Monica Myers

Joint Economic Community Development Board

Fosters communication relative to economic and community development between and among governmental entities, industry, and private citizens.

Mayors: Mark Potts, Mitch Cain, George Gantte, Beau Tucker, Glen Warren, Donna Hernandez, John Johnson, Matt Rudder, Gloria Larrance, Alyson Susong, Jay Moser

Nominating Committee

Makes recommendations for identified vacancies or rotations as needed for any statutory, standing, and special committee memberships unless the appointment or nomination is within the domain of the county mayor or stipulated by statutory law.

Commissioners: Tim Seals, Jimmy Carmichael, Katy Huffaker, Jimmy Dale Patterson, Paul Lowe, Greg Byrd, Gene Eslinger, Randy Bales, Ronny Coleman, Heidi Thomas, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

Nursing Home Board

Governs, operates and controls Nursing Home.

County Mayor Mark Potts, Commissioner Tim Seals, Murrell Jarnigan, Linda Franklin, Carolyn Voiles, Ex-Officio Hospital Chief of Staff

Personnel Committee

Approves/disapproves request for new personnel with the exception of DOE.  Submits recommendations to the Budget Committee for approval of funding.

Commissioners:  Heidi Thomas, Jimmy Carmichael, Marcus Reed, Sammy Solomon, Paul Lowe, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

Public Records Commission

Provides for the orderly disposition of public records.

Commissioner Katy Huffaker, Judge Keith Repass, Genealogist Wayne Roberts, Ex-Officio Voting Members: Archivist Lura Hinchey, County Clerk Frank Herndon, Register of Deeds Ed Stiner, Historian Bob Jarnigan, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

Public Service Committee

An oversight committee that develops policies and procedures related to various public services provided by or funded by the County Commission.

Commissioners: Heidi Thomas, Jimmy Carmichael, Gene Eslinger, Ronny Coleman, Jimmy Dale Patterson, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

Regional Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals

Commissioner Paul Lowe, Commissioner John Neal Scarlett, Bobby Collins, Sue Springfield, Tommy Lakin, Terry Reneau, Condon Batson, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

Sanitation Commission

Larry Howard, Jimmy Henry, Arlie Ball, Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

Solid Waste Regional Planning Board

Larry Howard, Arlie Ball, Jimmy Henry, Wayne Hinkle, Judy Keene, Donald Whaley, Bob Hardy, John Johnson,  Ex-Officio County Mayor Mark Potts

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