Mayor's Office Staff

Office Manager 
Carolyn Voiles
Phone: 865-397-3800
Fax: 865-397-3839


Mrs. Voiles is the is involved in all matters involving the Mayor’s Office. In addition to providing assistance to the Mayor she functions as liaison between various departments and agencies. She also provides oversight in the day to day operations of the Mayor’s Office as well as assisting persons and other officials of the county with matters related to various operations or functions. Mrs. Voiles also provides support and scheduling for the Mayor and other officers responsible to the Mayor’s Office. 

Director Facilities and Safety
David Longmire
Phone: 865-471-1884
Fax: 865-397-3839


Mr. Longmire and his staff are responsible for all maintenance, upkeep, and janitorial duties of all county owned property and buildings.   He is also responsible for reserving rooms for  all meetings and special functions held in the Jefferson County buildings.  All TOSHA, OSHA, ADA, and Title VI logs, records and requirements are maintained under his direction.  All capital improvements to county property are coordinated through his office.  Mr. Longmire and his staff answers to the Mayor's Office on a day to day basis.  He also communicates and works with the Facilities Committee, as well as the Long Range Planning Committee.

Director Facilities and Safety