The Environmental Health Department is responsible for issuing septic permits for all new construction.

Temporary COVID-19 Procedures:

Since the Courthouse will be closed to traffic, The Environmental Department will handle Operations in the following ways:

1)  If you call the office at 865-397-1617 and speak with Toni, she will fill out the paperwork, then a check can be mailed or put in the drop box located at the Courthouse.
Mailing address: P.O. Box 1021, Dandridge, TN  37725

2)  If you are sub-dividing a property, please also call the office to discuss the lots and then the paperwork and  a check can be put in the drop box at the Courthouse (202 W. Main Street – Rear ADA Entrance) recording maps are large and expensive to mail, so this is the best procedure.

3)  If you need to pick up a Septic Permit that has been processed, we must have a signature. Please call to arrange to meet to pick up your paperwork.  

Please make checks payable to  “Jefferson Co. Trustee

If you need to pay by a Credit Card, please call our office, and we will arrange to meet for payment. 

 REALTORS:  Please call the office if you need a Septic Completion Certificate, and we will make arrangements.

Thank you for your patience till we get through this virus.

Septic Permit

To obtain a septic permit, the following steps must occur: 

  1. Obtain a septic permit
     If your property is in a subdivision, we will need to know the lot number and subdivision name. If not, you will be required to provide a copy of your recorded plat map and a soil map. Soil maps can be obtained from a soil scientist. You must stake out your proposed house site (four corners)  prior to submitting your application to the Jefferson County Environmental Department.  Be sure to use brightly colored stakes or flags. Septic Permit Fee is $250.00, payable to: Jefferson County TrusteeNOTE: You must have your septic permit in hand before you move to step two. 
  2. Obtain a building permit
     A Building Permit can be purchased at the Jefferson County Court House in the Zoning Office. You will need a copy of your septic permit, surveyor’s map, bill of sale (if mobile home) and a copy of your deed to obtain a building permit.  
  3. Obtain a 911 Address
    To obtain a 911 Address, you must have a Building Permit. The 911 office would also like you to have a copy of your plat (or survey) map showing the location of the house. The office is located on AJ HwyIf you have any questions you may contact them at 865-475-4911. 
  4. Septic Final Approval
    When your system is placed in the ground your installer is required to call our office for a final septic approval before the system can be covered up. Upon Final inspection, you must show verification of your Building Permit and your 911 address.  

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