Boat Registrations

The County Clerk’s office processes boat registrations and renewals daily. Anyone who wishes to register a boat in Tennessee must apply for registration in a clerk’s office, unless the boat is purchased from a dealer who processes the registration forms.

New Purchases

When purchasing a boat in Tennessee from a dealership make sure that they process or provide you with a completed Application for Boat Certificate of Number. Furthermore, if they process the paperwork for you make sure you receive the yellow copy of the application because it is your temporary registration. Should the dealership give you both the white and the yellow copy, mail the white copy with the appropriate fee to: Boat Registration PO Box 41729 Nashville, TN 37204-1729.

When purchasing a boat from an individual in you should receive the registration card to the watercraft and a bill of sale. Once you have obtained the required documentation you must come into a county clerk’s office to make application for your boat registration. You will be required at that time to remit taxes on the purchase price and a fee of $5.00. At that time you will be given a receipt for sales tax paid and an Application for Boat Certificate of Number. The white copy of this application should be mailed with the appropriate fees to the address provided and the yellow copy retained as temporary registration.

Click here to download a Bill of Sale for a Watercraft.


You may renew your Tennessee boat registration at the Jefferson County Clerk’s office during normal business hours. In order to renew we must have either your renewal notice or previous boat registration and the owner’s birth date. You will receive a temporary registration until the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency mails you your new registration card and decal. For online renewals visit TWRA website: Tennesssee Wildlife Resource Agency Online License Sales.

New Residents

New residents to Tennessee who wish to register their watercraft in Tennessee must provide proof of ownership (current registration card or title) and proof that taxes were collected (bill of sale). You may be required when registering to pay additional sales tax on the watercraft. Otherwise the process is the same for new residents as for new purchases.

For additional information see the TWRA web site.