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  1. Blank Forms 
  2. Changing a deed 
  3. Copies of Instruments 
  4. Easements and Restrictions 
  5. How to release a mortgage 
  6. Title Search
  7. Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  8. Recording Fees

1. Blank Forms
The Register's office does not carry blank forms for legal documents. Many times blank forms do not meet a particular state law's required information for filing requirements. Necessary filing information may vary state to state.

2. Changing a Deed
A title company or attorney should prepare any new deed. Always record the deed in the Register of Deed's office as soon as possible.

3. Copies of Instruments
The Register's Office will be glad to mail any requested copies of deeds. The proper procedure is for one to call the office at (865) 397-2918. Upon request the information clerk will look up the deed and report the number of pages in the instrument. One would then send a request of the specific Book and Page of the instrument and enclose $1.00 per page requested. Please include the return address for the copies to be mailed to, and a phone number. Send the request to Ed Stiner, Register, P.O. Box 58; Dandridge, TN 37725.

4.0 Easements & Restrictions
The Register's Office does not perform title searches. In order to find all of the easements and restrictions on a certain property, one would have to perform a title search. If you have a title policy on the property in question, refer to schedule "B" for reference to any restrictions and easements that apply to the property. We will be glad to view a copy of your recorded deed and report the book and page of any easements or restrictions mentioned on the deed.

5.0 How to Release a Mortgage
When one pays off a mortgage, it is the responsibility of the mortgage holder to release the Deed of Trust. Tennessee Code 66-25-102 recites the penalty for failure of the mortgage holder to release the instrument promptly.

When a mortgage company sends a release for a borrower, we return it to the mortgage company, unless an envelope to the borrower is sent. Then the company generally forwards it to the customer. Please, contact the mortgage company or holder of the mortgage if you recently paid off a loan and have questions about the release of your mortgage.

6.0 Title Search
The Register of Deed's office does not perform title searches. You may contact the attorney or title company of your choice to issue an attorney's title opinion or to have a title search on property.

7.0 Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
Please follow this link to review Jefferson County's website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

8.0 Recording Fees

Jefferson County Register of Deeds
P.O. Box 58
Dandridge, TN 37725
(865) 397-2918

Fees mandated by TCA §8-21-1001

All Documents, except releases and charters, must show the name and address of the person or company preparing the instrument

 Document Type

  • Recording Fees


  • $10.00 - One or Two Pages Releasing One Lien
  • $ 5.00 - Each Additional Page
  • $ 5.00 - Each Additional Lien Being Released
  • $ 2.00 - Computer Fund


  • Limited Patrnerships (Including Amendments and Cancellations)
  • $ 5.00 - Up To And Including Five Pages
  • $  .50 - Each Additional Page
  • $ 2.00 - Computer Fund


  • $10.00 - One Or Two Pages With One Assignment
  • $ 5.00 - Each Additional Page
  • $ 5.00 - Each Additional Assignment
  • $ 2.00 - Computer Fund
  • Each Assignment must contain the following statement: "Maximum Principal Indebtedness for Tennessee Recording Tax Purpose is $      "0"      

Financing Statements

  • $ 15.00 - Fixture Filing (Real Estate Records)
  • $ 15.00 - Each Additional party to be indexed
  • $     .50 - Each Page Exceeding Ten Pages
  • (A husband and wife are considered two names for UCC record indexing purposes and the extra $15 will be charged)

All Other Documents including:

  • Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Amendments, Leases, Restrictions, Agreements, Liens, and Judgements
  • $  5.00 Per Page
  • $ 10.00 Minimum Charge
  • $  2.00 Computer Fund

Ed Stiner - Scenic 5Probate Fee

  • $ 1.00 - Collected Only When State Tax Paid

State Tax:

  • Conveyance: $3.70 per $1000 (.0037 x $1000)
  • Mortgage:   $1.15 per $1000 (.00115 per $1,000) (First $2,000 is exempt)


  • 60 day penalty
  • First $2000 not exempt