County Mayor

Mayor’s Duties

The county mayor is the chief executive officer of the county who may examine the accounts of the county officers to verify each item of expenditure or revenue.  The county mayor has a strong role in the budgetary process and presents the consolidated budget for each fiscal year to the county budget committee and the county legislative body for adoption.

The county mayor serves as a non-voting, ex officio member of each committee of the county legislative body and of each board, commission, or authority of the county government. The county mayor appoints members of county boards, commissions and department heads subject to confirmation by the legislative body.

The county mayor has the care and custody of all county property and may enter into letters of agreement with the county “fee” officials regarding the number of deputies and assistants and their salaries.


For contact information for the County Mayor, please see the County Mayor section in the Jefferson County "Directory."  Also, the Mayor's contact information is listed in the "Elected Officials" subpage located in the Election Commission webpage .  Click on the links where indicated.