Memorial Day Event

Join us for a Memorial Day event honoring those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Where: Jefferson County History Courthouse
When: May 30, 2022 from 10 AM – 11 AM
Presenting: JCHS JROTC, JCHS Marching Band, Pigeon Forge Honor Guard, Dandridge First United Methodist

Light refreshments will be served at Dandridge United Methodist Church following the ceremony.

Memorial Day is a day of national awareness and solemn reverence; a day for us to honor the military men and women who gave their lives in defense of our nation, its values and our freedom. Memorial Day gives us the opportunity to stop and think about brave Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great nation. Below are the names of those Service Members from Jefferson County who were killed in action in recent battles.  This list may not be all inclusive; if you have information of others, please contact Curtis Hudson at (865) 397-7824. 

Members of our community who were killed in action during WWI, WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War.


  • Oby L Allen, Army
  • Frank H Bailey, Army
  • Robert L Brock, Army
  • John F Brown, Army
  • Marshall French, Army
  • Berton Davis Gann, Marines
  • William P Hickman, Army
  • John H Hill, Army
  • Wisdom Lee, Army
  • Howard T Mann, Army
  • Jacob Manning, Army
  • William A McMillan, Army
  • Ralph Nichols, Army
  • James L Reneau, Army
  • Sam W Renneau, Army
  • George C Rogers, Army
  • Estle R Skeen, Army


  • Burl W Ailey, Army
  • James C Bailey, Army
  • Alvin L Ballinger, Army
  • Marion A Batson, Army
  • Willis W Bettis, Army
  • John W Bills, Army
  • James O Black, Army
  • Raymond H Bolin, Army
  • Paul R Brewer, Army
  • Edward A Brinke, Army AF
  • Benjamin H Britt, Army
  • Charles A Brogden, Army
  • Paul Brooks
  • Doyle L Brown, Army
  • James L Cain, Army
  • George A Cannon, Army
  • Hugh J Carlisle, Army
  • James C Carmichael, Army
  • Melvin M Carter, Army
  • John Robert Cate, Army
  • Winford D Cate, Army
  • Tom Chrisman
  • John B Clevenger, Army
  • Thomas C Cockrum, Army
  • James C Coleman, Army
  • Gilbert N Couch Jr, Army
  • Houston N Cox, Army
  • William T Dalton, Army AF
  • Neil W Deniston, Army
  • Joseph Ellison
  • Arley B French, Army
  • Robert B Haworth, Army
  • James T Hayes, Army
  • Oliver L Heck, Army
  • Jack L Hill, Army
  • Halmond L Howard Jr, Army
  • Roy T Jaynes Jr, Army
  • George R Jenkins, Army
  • Claud Johnson, Army
  • Roy R Kanipe, Army
  • Urstle Keck
  • Luther W Keirsey, Army
  • John P Kerr, Army
  • William C Kimbrough, Army
  • Harold Lacy
  • William A Love, Army
  • George T Malone, Army AF
  • Earl H McCoig, Army
  • James C Morgan, Army
  • Thomas S Morie, Army
  • James Moyers
  • Ray T Murphy, Army
  • John F Murray, Army
  • George F Nelson, Army
  • Roy J Newman, Army
  • Glen S Oliver, Army
  • John Owen Jr.
  • Herman H Perkey, Army
  • Paul Pratt
  • Caslee E Pruitt, Army
  • Paul E Pruitt, Army
  • James F Rector, Army
  • James H Reese, Army
  • Willie G Reneau, Army
  • William Fred Repass, Army AF
  • William F. Repass
  • Charles E Rines, Army
  • Zack Romines, Army
  • Joseph A Shell, Army
  • Preston K Smith, Army
  • William H Smith, Army
  • Buford M Stallings
  • Willie L Stubbs, Army
  • Ira K Swaggerty, Army
  • Blair A Talley, Army
  • Thomas E Taylor, Army
  • Ralph Thomas, Army
  • Norman J Tipton, Army
  • James D Tracy, Army
  • John H Underwood, Army
  • James L Vance, Army
  • Clarence B Varnell, Army
  • James S Vaught, Army
  • Claude Vineyard, Army
  • John H Walston, Army
  • Lester B Webb, Army
  • Robert Y Wheeler, Army
  • William R Wiles, Army
  • Herbert G Williams, Army


  • ILT Allan Sheilds Bettis, Air Force
  • CPL Dennis Brock
  • PFC Jack A. Horner
  • PFC Burnett H. Ingram
  • PFC Tommy J. Johnson
  • PUT Raymonds Rines


  • PFC Mack Lemul France Jr, Army
  • ILT Ronald Harold Knight, Air Force
  • PFC William Larry Mott, Marines
  • CPL James Ronald Rainwater, Army
  • CPL James A. Russell III, Marines
  • PFC John William Watkins, Army

The event is finished.


May 30 2022


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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