Jefferson County Financial Budget Summary

With the approval by the Jefferson County Mayor and the Jefferson County Commission, the Jefferson County website is providing the Jefferson County Financial Budget Summary and Information for the current fiscal year.


NOTE: The current Jefferson County Budget Information is being updated and will be posted to the website when it comes available.  Any questions, please reach out to the Finance Department.

Below you will find links to the following resoulution and summary.

  1. Jefferson County Commission Resolution 20xx-xx.  A resolution making appropriations for the various funds, departments, institutions, offices, and agencies of Jefferson County, Tennessee, for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 201x and ending June 30, 201x.  To view the resolution, click here.

  2. Jefferson County Budget Summary for 201x-201x.  This summary compares the county's budget expense to that of the county's revenue totals.  To view the summary, click here.